• Wooden Beetle Jelly Cup...


    Regular Size wooden holder for 16 gram Beetle Jelly cups.


  • Braplast Square box 5.8L


    Braplast 5.8 L 185*185*190 mm Transparant base and lid.

  • Bugs Magazine nr.8 -...


    Superb German magazine about invertebrates.

    +/- 74 pages of informative articles with plenty of full color pictures.

  • Bug and Beetle Habitat - Mini
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    Bug and Beetle Habitat - Mini


    Stackable Plastic Terrarium for all kinds of Insects and other Invertebrates.

    Can be used for Beetles, Crickets, Stick insects, Mantids, Scorpions, Spiders, Centipedes and Millipedes.
    Also useful for small Amphibians, Toads, Frogs or Newts as well as small Crabs.
    Mini Size: 18.5 *11 *14.8 cm



  • White Rot Wood – Shredded - 7 L
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    White Rot Wood – Shredded -...


    Shredded White Rot Wood chips from Beech Hardwood.

    Ideal for raising larvae of wood loving species such as
    Dynastidae, Golofa, Megasoma,... as well as Lucanidae.

  • For the love of Rhinoceros...
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    For the love of Rhinoceros...

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    For the Love of Rhinoceros and Stag Beetles 

    Superb new 2016 edition of the bible for beetle breeding by Jonathan Lai and Ko Shin-ping.
    To date there is no better book yet.

  • Beetle Jelly Case 16g Peach...


    1 case = +/- 340/360 pieces (+/-6 kg).

    Flavor: Peach. 

    No coloring agent at all!

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  • Green Beetle Jelly Splitter


    Green Beetle Jelly Splitter Cutter for 16g Beetle jelly cups

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  • Beetle Jelly Case 16g Honey


    1 case = +/-340/360 pieces (+/-6 kg).


  • Beetle Jelly Case 16g Mango


    1 case = +/- 340/360 pieces (+/-6 kg).

    Flavor: Mango.

    Contains 2a102 and 2a110 yellow color, EU authorised for dogs and cats,
    small rodents and seed eating ornamental birds.

  • Beetle Jelly Case 16g Orange


    Beetlejelly Orange

    Complementary compound pet food for grain-eating ornamental birds and other non-food producing small rodents.

    1 case = +/- 340/350 pieces (+/-6 kg).

    Flavor: Orange

  • Beetle Jelly Case 16g...


    1 case = +/-340/360 pieces (6 kg).

    Flavor: Multifruit / Strawberry.

    Containts 2a129 Allura red, EU authorised for dogs and cats.

    update 26/10/2022 Now again EU allowed for Guinea pig, Chinchilla, Degu,
    Hamster, Gerbil, Chipmunk, Ferrets, Other small non-food producing mammals,
    Canaries, Budgerigars, Mynahs, Toucans, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Amazons,
    Parrots, Yellow breast macaws, Blue-throated macaws, Hyacinth macaws,
    Other ornamental birds.
    Can you still follow this EU flip-flopping?