Beetle Jelly Case 16g Multifruit Strawberry flavor


1 case = +/-340/360 pieces (6 kg).

Flavor: Multifruit / Strawberry.

Containts 2a129 Allura red, EU authorised for dogs and cats.

update 26/10/2022 Now again EU allowed for Guinea pig, Chinchilla, Degu,
Hamster, Gerbil, Chipmunk, Ferrets, Other small non-food producing mammals,
Canaries, Budgerigars, Mynahs, Toucans, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Amazons,
Parrots, Yellow breast macaws, Blue-throated macaws, Hyacinth macaws,
Other ornamental birds.
Can you still follow this EU flip-flopping?

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Beetlejelly Strawberry

Complementary compound pet food for grain-eating ornamental birds and other non-food producing small rodents.

Once opened Beetle Jelly will keep for approximately one week. 


Sugar, Saccharose, Fructose, Fruit juice from concentrate


Agar, Glycine, Preservative, Colouring 2a129, Flavouring, Vit A. 600 IE, Vit C 0.5mg

Analytical components:

Crude Protein 20g, Crude fat 0g, Crude Fibre 0g, Raw ash 0g, Moisture content 80%. .


A full case of beetle jelly cups contains +/- 340/360 pieces of  +/-16g each, making a total net weight of +/-6 kg.

Cases are available in several flavors: Apple, bananablueberry, brown sugarhoney, lactic acidmango, green sweet melon, multi fruit - strawberry) orange, peach and pineapple.

There is also a Cricket food version, Calcium plus, specially for cricket breeding or gut loading with 3% extra calcium on top.

We noticed Calcium plus is also greatly appreciated by millipedes, isopods and snails.  

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