Beetle Jelly Case 16g Multifruit Strawberry flavor


1 case = +/-340/360 pieces (6 kg).

Flavor: Multifruit / Strawberry.

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Beetlejelly is a high protein pet food for beetles, insects and reptiles.

A full case of beetle jelly +/-16g contains +/- 340/360 pieces, making a total net weight of +/-6 kg.

Cases are available in several flavors: Apple, bananablueberry, brown sugarhoney, lactic acidmango, 
green sweet melon, multi fruit - strawberry)
 orange, peach and pineapple.

There is also a Cricket food version, Calcium plus, specially for cricket breeding or gut loading with 3% extra calcium on top.
We noticed Calcium plus is also greatly appreciated by millipedes, isopods and snails

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