Sale! White Rot Wood – Shredded - 7 L

White Rot Wood – Shredded - 7 L



Shredded White Rot Wood chips from Beech Hardwood.

Ideal for raising larvae of wood loving species such as
Dynastidae, Golofa, Megasoma,... as well as Lucanidae.

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12,36 EUR

We offer various payment options:
We offer various payment options:

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Bags of dry shredded white rot wooden Beech chips for beetle larvae breeding.

Each bag contains roughly 1KG or 7L.

The bags have very small holes to allow for some ventilation of the products.

Before use as larvae food it is recommended to soak the wood chips,
then let them drip out for a few hours to ensure correct humidity content. 

Also useful as bedding for adult beetles.



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