Japan Protein Beetle Mix Powder 3L (+/- 1.7 kg)

Japan Protein Beetle Mix Powder 3L (+/- 1.7 kg)



Japan protein beetle mix Powder for larvae - Powder

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We offer various payment options:
We offer various payment options:

This is a special mix of grinded dried silkworm cocoons together
with white fishmeal and extra "secret" additives.

Japanese beetle breeders claim this is currently the best mix available !

Typical content : 50+% protein, fat, moisture, ash, fibre, additives...

The Japanese beetle mix powder is given to beetle larvae who need additional protein to successfully complete their growth cycle.

It is said beetle larvae like Goliathus cannot be bred without this additional protein.
Many other species are reported to give much bigger adults when given extra protein. 

Japanese beetle mix is claimed to be superior to the single grinded dried Silkworms.

We also use this mix in our own beetle breeding. 

Can be stored up to 3 years. Recommend use within 12 months of purchase.







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