Can I get a reseller discount?

Yes, we offer reseller discounts on cases of beetlejelly cups.

Reseller discounts are limited to resellers with a valid EU VAT number.

In order to apply for a reseller discount you must ;

1. Create an account online with your company details
and a valid EU VAT number.

2. Send me an e-mail requesting the reseller discount.

After verification you will be upgraded and will receive an e-mail

Discounts are applied automatically and are a function of the
quantities you order. Multiples of 4 cases (any flavor or flavor mix)
are cheapest both in discount and transport fees.

Resellers outside of Belgium will receive invoices without VAT.
Another saving on your short term cashflow.

Finally please note we cannot accept ANY order outside of the system,
because of the traceability requirement by The Belgian Food Safety Authority (FAVV). 

Please contact us for further information.
Beetlejelly (at)



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